Why YaaS, why now?
Changing customer needs, shorter innovation cycles and time to market – speed is crucial for the success of today’s business. And so an evolution in software engineering has begun, allowing companies to create organizational and technical environments that let them adapt to market changes faster than ever before – microservices. And with innovative companies like Google, Amazon and Netflix already successfully using this architecture and technology, the market demand is increasing continuously.
SAP Hybris as a Service
With SAP Hybris as a Service (YaaS), and microservices based SAP offerings, SAP extends this new IT paradigm to its customers and prospects. Now is the perfect time for partners to experiment, develop know-how, and position themselves as thought leaders in this emerging area, by providing innovative microservices-based services and solutions to customers. Now our partners can use the YaaS Innovation Workbench and Microservices Marketplace to help businesses both rapidly augment existing applications and build new, highly flexible solutions to grow revenue and increase customer engagement.
Key Benefits
  • Instant provisioning
    Help your customers subscribe to microservices in no time to scale their businesses.
  • Pay as you go
    No upfront fee, no hidden charges, plus a free tier that lets you evaluate the value of a service.
  • Auto-scale
    YaaS’ services auto-scale so you do not have to worry about availability at peak times.
  • Fast growing catalog of business services
    We are continuously adding and evolving the services available on YaaS.
  • No long-term contracts
    If you are not happy with a service you can cancel the subscription at any time.
What is the Partner and Ecosystem Opportunity?
Microservices create a lot of new business opportunities for partners, to:
Benefit from our innovation with Commerce as a Service to help your and our SAP Hybris Commerce customers increase the ROI from their investment.
Leverage new products to help you sell smaller, faster time-to-market projects into your customer base.
Deliver new functionality to your customers that helps them compete with online retailers.
Help your customers to develop an architecture based on microservices and start expanding your business into new technologies and services.
Integrate existing microservices into your offerings to quickly enhance your scope of functionality and commercialize through your customers.
Integrate new microservices into your customers’ existing software landscapes and help them to stay on top of the market.
Extend brands’ and merchants’ sales channels with flexible and extensible API-based solutions on top of existing SAP Hybris systems .
Enhance your expertise and become a thought leader by offering the newest technology.
These are only a few of the new areas our partners can expand their business with. Start now by tapping into these new technologies and services.
Implementation, Integration and Migration Services by Partner.
SAP microservice
Customer SAP MS
Customer subscribes to YaaS microservices.
Partner works on Customer’s subscription once Customer creates Authorized User for Partner.
Transformation and Advisory Services
SAP microservice
Partner SAP MS
Partner subscribes to YaaS microservices and other packages and build own Cloud offering (SaaS) and resell. Partner contracts with Customer for their Cloud offering. IP monetization through Cloud offering.
Customer can work on Partner subscription (no contractual relationship with SAP).
Get started
Simply register on YaaS.io and start experimenting with what´s available in the market. Join the community of more than 6,000 partners and customers who’ve already registered, and profit from their knowledge and share your own experiences.
Be the digital transformation enabler for your customers!
Interested in knowing more? Check out our YaaS Partner Webinars or send an email to yaas.partners@sap.com.