How to Increase Conversions and Customer Satisfaction with Service Engagement Center
June 2017
Please join this webinar to learn more about the opportunities service engagement center provides for both you and your customers.
How to Build a YaaS Microservices Pipeline
27 Februar 2017
4pm CET
Jonathan Pearson (Global Head Product Marketing, YaaS)
Learn how to operate and support microservices based services offerings (Part 2 of Technical Overview)
16 November 2016
11.00 am EST | 08.00 am PST
Sam Schneider (Senior Director, SAP Hybris as a Service)
Greg Hergert (Development Architect, SAP Hybris as a Service)

As a follow up of the first technical overview we will give you insights on operation and supporting YaaS based microservices and how you leverage the Community and the DevPortal.

How to consume and build microservices based services offerings (Part 1 of Technical Overview)
25 October 2016
11.00 am EST | 08.00 am PST
Andrea Stubbe (Product Manager, SAP Hybris as a Service)
Sam Schneider (Senior Director, SAP Hybris as a Service)

This first part of our more technical oriented webinars focuses on consuming and building YaaS based microservices including an introduction into the Developer Portal, YaaS Builder and the tools we provide to integrate existing and new services in your own offerings.

Tapping into the innovation of the YaaS based Profile Package
04 October 2016
11.00 am EST | 08:00 am PST
Chris Dircks (Senior Director of Solution Management)

Customer engagement, experience and finally conversion will be massively improved as more contextual and consistent information of the customer are available. Profile Services enriches the customer profile on real-time basis to update the dynamic relationship between customer, brands, products, services, as well as any other relevant objects in your business, to provide a live and continuously evolving profile of each customer.

During this session we will take a closer look at the functionality of the YaaS based Profile package and how to integrate them in your offerings to help your customers to grow their business.

SAP Hybris as a Service (YaaS) Partner Ecosystem Business Opportunity
10 November 2016
11.00 am EST | 08.00 am PST
Thomas Zeuss (Global Head of Partner Development)

Quick changes of customer needs, shorter innovation cycles, time-to-market – the speed is crucial for the success in todays online business. Traditional monolithic software applications are partly too inflexible to satisfy these requirements. That´s why an evolution in software engineering has started which allows companies to create an organizational and technical environment to adopt market changes much faster than ever before – Microservices.

Join us to learn more about paradigm shift in the software market and why a constantly increasing number of customers ask for microservices. You will also learn how helps you to monetize this opportunity in your business. You will get insights into what offers and what services are already available for you to consume and implement in customer projects.