Why Commerce as a Service on YaaS?
An API first approach to building commerce apps across channels and devices. Using trusted software components developers can build new, or extend existing applications dramatically faster. Using a loosely coupled architecture is inherently more flexible enabling Apps to evolve rapidly as business needs change.
Speed to Market
Leverage standard functionality and open APIs, delivered by the leader in commerce software, to build fast and integrate easily.

Flexible and Open
Build, adapt and evolve apps based on open, well-documented APIs exposing micro-services built on SAP Hybris as a Service with an ecosystem of 3000+ developers.

Find secure, trusted and scalable enterprise-grade Commerce software components and apps with transparent pricing.

Commerce for Business
In today’s market you need to be able to bring new products to market fast and at minimal cost. SAP Hybris Commerce Services enable you to build a beautiful and fully functional store in days, not months. Your site will be fully responsive, so will be accessible from your cell, tablet or even your desk. You’ll also get a set of Merchant tools to get you started and be able to access other commerce related services providing rich functionality.
Commerce for Developers
SAP Hybris Commerce Services are built using the microservices architectural style with RESTful APIs and using common standards such as json and OAuth2. This makes them easy to embed into any application. We’re the market leaders for Commerce applications and we’ve put all our experience into making these services work in the way we love to have them when developing commerce applications ourselves. Therefore we’ve built microservices that do the heavy lifting so you can focus on building an amazing customer experience. You’ll also be able to access an ever increasing number of commerce related services.

How it works
Commerce Services are a collection of API’s and UI modules built on our SAP Hybris innovation and commercialization platform, known as YaaS. To use the services you need to register for YaaS and subscribe to these services from the YaaS Market. Here’s what you need to know:
A tool for managing and publishing microservices with security managed by an API Proxy. You can quickly and easily develop UIs for your microservices enabling users to manage the business process and data encapsulated.
Dev Portal
Extensive Documentation, Toolkits and guidelines for building and integrating microservices.
An ecosytem of microservices that can be subscribed to at the click of a button and where the package of microservices you create can be discovered.
YaaS Pricing
YaaS pricing is straight forward. You pay for Commerce packages of microservices based on usage including a free basic usage. As soon as certain aspects of your service exceed pre-defined limits, you pay only what you are using, for example #products, #transactions and order volumes.
The YaaS Commerce Highlights
Even more services around customer engagement, commerce and other businesses are waiting for you on the YaaS Market.
Key Features
  • Customer profiles, including social connect with Facebook and Google+.
  • We support you with an extensible product data and product content management.
  • Realtime shopping cart supporting individual discounts and order handling.
  • Category hierarchies and product taxonomies.
Build on an Ecosystem
SAP Hybris Commerce Services are built on SAP Hybris as a Service. This means you’ll be able to build new features quickly by using the basic building blocks already in place on the platform, and easily integrate to the services you need to create the end-to-end customer journey. You’ll be able to subscribe to services on the YaaS market, and adapt to arising market opportunities at speed.
To use the services you need to register for YaaS and subscribe to these services from the Builder module.
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