What is SAP Hybris Profile
SAP Hybris Profile captures and analyzes customer interactions, contexts, and behaviors to create a continually-evolving intelligent profile, which enables a deeper understanding of the customer's motivation and intent, in real time. This allows customer-facing touchpoints such as commerce and marketing to react and interact in much more personal ways. Built on YaaS, Profile provides unique extensibility so you can easily add functionality from the YaaS Market or create new functionality.
Deeper Detail, More Insight

Enrich customer-facing applications with more granular detail about digital behavior, providing deeper understanding of customers’ intent, within the context of their behaviors.

Real-Time Customer Profiles

Share continually-evolving, intelligent consumer profiles across customer-facing applications to trigger insights that lead to more effective customer engagement.

Trustworthy Relationships

Treat customer privacy in a responsible and transparent way by empowering customers to view their own profiles and manage their own consent settings for sharing data.

Flexible and Open

Rapidly build, adapt, and evolve your apps using microservices built on YaaS, which engages an ecosystem of 3000+ developers.

Enhance Customer Engagement
SAP Hybris Profile’s services support continuously-improving, intelligent customer profiles by identifying and matching individual consumers and their behaviors, across sessions and channels. Profile exposes an in-the-moment snapshot of a customer profile to customer-facing touchpoints such as commerce and marketing to drive more effective engagement. In addition, Profile provides the infrastructure to empower customers to view and manage their own profile and consent settings.
Hybris Profile Runs on YaaS, the Microservice Ecosystem
The SAP Hybris Profile packages include APIs and user interface (UI) modules built on the YaaS innovation and commercialization platform. You can build new extensions quickly using the platform’s basic building blocks, and easily integrate with the Profile services to capture, enrich, and interpret consumer behavior data that can help you optimize the customer experience and make your business more efficient. Use YaaS to react to arising market opportunities rapidly and with fewer resources than traditional enterprise software development.
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SAP Hybris Profile for Business
Profile for SAP Hybris’ Customer Engagement and Commerce Solutions
SAP Hybris Profile is designed to work with SAP Hybris solutions and beyond. Starting with SAP Hybris Commerce and SAP Hybris Marketing Cloud, the connectivity will grow with innovations from the SAP Hybris ecosystem and our partners. Capturing context across all these systems of engagement supports consistently relevant experiences.
Integrating SAP Hybris Profile with SAP Hybris Commerce enables you to match known and unknown visitors across sessions to continuously calculate interests and affinities to products and categories, enriching the customer profile with the most up-to-date information. This profile can be easily integrated into other solutions and touchpoints as well.
For instance, adding SAP Hybris Profile to SAP Hybris Marketing Cloud provides a detailed digital profile for your marketing targeting and execution activities. This enables you to target customers and prospects for marketing execution across your own sites, paid advertising, email, and more channels, in an integrated way.
SAP Hybris Profile for Developer
Fully extensible technology designed for YaaS partners and developers.
Develop your own
You can develop and plug in your own microservices to customize the collection, analysis, and enrichment of the customer profile. The system reacts to data and profile changes by triggering other engagement with systems.
Integrate and extend
Your custom microservices can be integrated into an existing Profile system to extend your customers' profile. The highly-responsive and flexible architecture provides easy extensibility into any data source.
The Key Profile Features
  • Highly-flexible and extensible customer profile graph optimized to store profile data, and relationships among data
  • Support of anonymous and known profiles
  • Native matching capabilities across sessions
  • Pre-built integrations into SAP Hybris Commerce Suite and SAP Hybris Marketing Cloud
  • Clickstream processing and real time analysis
  • Commerce-related customer insights like product affinity, category affinity, click behavior
  • Encryption services to ensure that data is transferred, processed and stored in a secure, encrypted format
  • Profile transparency, optionally allowing you to display the customer profile to the end customer, providing a new level of transparency
  • Consent management, optionally enabling end customers to manage consent settings themselves